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Social Media – Hashtags

Hashtags are an easy way to find each other on social media.

Our hashtag; #EBAcircle is used by all of our members for numerous reasons. The main reason we use our hashtag is to communicate with each other on different platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Members can use this hashtag to alert other members to a valuable or beneficial article, video or post on social media. They can use it on their own posts to gain visibility and connect with others on their social media accounts. It’s a great way to create a supportive and collaborative social media following.

How To Create A Hashtag?

Just like we have #EBAcircle, you can claim your own hashtag to create a catch phrase that people associate with you or can help people find your other social media platforms.

There’s no other way of claiming a hashtag other than using it. You can’t pay for one. You can’t steal someone else’s, you just have to come up with your own and use it. Use it all the time, and on everything you post.

Think of something catchy that relates to what you do and search it in various platforms such as Instagram or Twitter and see who’s using it. If someone has been using it recently, then try again; think of another one and do another search. If the search results bring up something from 2011 or something, then go for it. Use it on all your posts across all social media platforms, get it recognised, associate it with you and your business. This way when someone uses your hashtag you can see it and interact with someone easier.

People are able to follow your hashtag on various platforms now as well e.g. Instagram. So they never miss a post that uses your hashtag.

Other People’s #hashtags

You can also use other people’s hashtags to tag them in on posts or to help other people find articles or something that you have found value from. By using other people’s hashtags as well as your own, you are helping them get more awareness from the people who follow you. You are helping to get them exposure.

Just like people can follow your hashtag, you can follow other people’s. Follow hashtags relevant to your industry or relevant to your clients and customers. See what’s out there and experiment with them.

Craig Wilkinson | Founder of the EBA
Craig Wilkinson | Founder of the EBA
Craig Wilkinson is the Founder of the Elite Business Academy, Yorkshires Business Man of The Year 2016 and the UK’s No1 Business Coach and Motivational Speaker. He helps thousands of business owners across the world to improve and grow their businesses. Why not connect with Craig on LinkedIn >>