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Being authentic through your posts and using your personal profiles on social media is a step in the right direction, however, just posting won’t build actual relationships. I have a saying: “You need to be in people’s lives on a daily basis so they don’t forget you”. Interactions on Social Media allow you to do this.


Go through your timeline, like everyone’s status, even if it doesn’t interest you. Love some of them, react to them with different faces. For some posts, if you’d like, comment on them. If someone comments on your posts, interact, like their comment, reply to it. Every time you do this, the person will get a notification that you have liked, reacted, commented, replied to a post or comment. For a split second, they are thinking about you. You are in the forefront of their mind for that one second. Interactions are so powerful, use them.

Do A Live Video

When you do a live video, you’ll get notifications when someone is watching, when someone likes it or when someone comments. During the video you can talk to people; ‘Hey Carol, not seen you in a long time, how was your holiday last month, it looked amazing!’. This enables you to carry on building relationships with people. The live interactions enable you to build rapport.

Videos can be scary to do but they are a must. It reinforces the fact that you are a real person and an influencer / authority in your industry. Do videos on anything, on the way to the job, telling people what you’re up that day, in the office, giving people advice from your speciality, a video of the kids playing in the garden, the dog going crazy. The more videos you do, the easier it will become, honestly. It is a scary thing to do but take action and do it. I challenge you, right now, to do one.

Another thing about videos is that live videos don’t just appear on your timeline but also in a little bubble on the top of the app where people can access it for 24 hours so people don’t have to scroll for it. The videos will stay on your timeline and every time someone likes it or comments, it moves up the timeline, to the top. People are also notified when you do a live video, they don’t get that any other time you post.


Remember what I said; “You have to be in people’s lives on a daily basis so they don’t forget you”.


Craig Wilkinson | Founder of the EBA
Craig Wilkinson | Founder of the EBA
Craig Wilkinson is the Founder of the Elite Business Academy, Yorkshires Business Man of The Year 2016 and the UK’s No1 Business Coach and Motivational Speaker. He helps thousands of business owners across the world to improve and grow their businesses. Why not connect with Craig on LinkedIn >>