Elite Circle Membership

Meet new contacts and win more business

Welcome to the Elite Circle Membership!

I’m delighted to welcome you to our Academy world & I look forward to sharing in your success.

The Elite Circle Membership is specifically designed for ambitious SME business owners who are serious about growing themselves, their business and creating a better quality of life for them and their families.

Each month hundreds of business owners travel from across the UK to attend our academy events. Our unique hybrid academies are packed full of networking, personal development, business and marketing coaching. Our speakers and coaches give away all their valuable knowledge and show members exactly how to build and grow a real business, rather than winging it and becoming busy fools.

Let me ask you a question.

How many hours a month do you dedicate to meeting valuable new contacts and learning priceless knowledge to take your business to the next level? What would your answer be?

“None, I don’t have time to do any of those things”

“I’m too busy to focus on taking on more business”

“I barely see my family so I can’t justify more time away”

“My business can’t survive with me taking any time out”

“What is networking and business coaching”

“It would take far too long to help me – I’m just too busy”

Don’t worry if one or more of these was your answer.

These were all genuine excuses I gave myself before setting out on my business development journey.

I used to be a busy fool working 80 plus hours a week, not seeing my wife or kids and robbing Peter to pay Paul.

But that all changed back in 2007, once I decided enough was enough and I invested into a business coach. My coach taught me how to build and grow a real business instead of winging it and trying to reinvent the wheel. 4 years later I sold my business, securing my family’s financial future.

What would it mean to you to be able to be financially free, have time for yourself and have a thriving business along with it? Well, this is exactly why I set up the EBA and the Elite Circle.

I have taken the mistakes, successes and lessons learned on my own business journey and packaged it up in a format that is like no other.

My Hybrid Academy events are helping hundreds of business owners across the UK to achieve the success they deserve.

All I ask from you is to commit just 6 hours a month to us, at my Academies in Leeds or Sheffield and begin your journey to personal and business success. Can you give me 6 hours a month? I hope so! The hundreds of members in my Academies all asked the same question before joining up…what do I get for my six hours a month? Well, here it is…

Elite Circle Membership Benefits

The one day a month you set aside for your own business & personal development will be packed full of awesome content that you can immediately put to work on your business.

The 1 day a month Elite Circle includes;

Power Networking Session

Power Networking Session

Designed for you to network and meet fellow members, to make new quality business contacts and to win more business.

Focused Marketing Workshop

Learn the skills, tools and tips on how to master your marketing to generate your most profitable leads from our expert marketing coaches.


Mastermind Coaching Session

A powerful coaching session focused on a dedicated area of business. This session provides you with priceless knowledge on how to build and grow your business the correct way.

Monthly Guest Speakers

To help inspire, educate and motivate you to your own success. Meet, hear and learn from fantastic speakers who all have their own stories to success and have priceless knowledge to share.


£41 Million of new business has been passed and won by members of our Academies.

By teaching members, the skill of networking and the importance of building new business relationships leads to business been passed every day. It’s not what you know it’s who you know in our circle. This is a place where business happens and I want you to be a part of it.

Our Academy events are held once a month on a Friday in Leeds and Sheffield. At each event, you can expect to meet over 70 businesses owners who are actively seeking new business and wanting to give business to you too. All we ask is you make the most of your membership by attending the events and to gain as much knowledge, new contacts and experience as possible.

Not used to networking? No bother, we will help you. Never heard of Personal Development? Don’t worry we will show you. Struggling to grow your business? Stop stressing we will tell you what you need to do.

Member Success Stories

  • I’ve only been a member of EBA for 6 months & we’ve doubled the number of staff. We’ve won new business from networking with fellow members and the personal development has changed my mindset on business & life.
    Bev Flanagan
    Director, Mind Your Assets
  • Gary-McKendrick-Omega-Asbestos 
    The personal development & the knowledge I’ve learned since being a member of EBA has dramatically transformed me & my business.
    Gary McKendrick
    Managing Director, Omega Asbestos 
  • Dean Marsden Managing Director, DM Communications 
    Having almost lost my business due to bad debtors the EBA helped me to re build and grow a profitable business. I’ve also won £87,000 of business from networking with fellow members.
    Dean Marsden
    Managing Director, DM Communications 
  • Andrew Brennan Director,-ICM Debt Recovery & Credit Control
    The EBA is a fountain of knowledge. They dissected my business & put it back together again. We are now winning 3 new clients per week from what we have learned from EBA.
    Andrew Brennan
    Director, ICM Debt Recovery & Credit Control
  • Richard Anthony-Managing-Director---Digitech-Fire-&-Security
    For the first time ever, I have a solid business plan in place. Through the EBA coaching I’m learning how to systemise my business so it runs without me working in it.
    Richard Anthony
    Managing Director, Digitech Fire & Security 
  • David-Haigh-Marsh-Designs
    The development coaching from EBA has not only enabled me to significantly grow my business, but more importantly it has given me the focus, skills and motivation to achieve my future goals in life.
    David Haigh
    Managing Director, Marsh Designs
  • Jamie-Orr---Director-J’s-Plastering
    Since joining EBA I’ve gone from 3 members of staff to 23. I’ve got more time back & I’ve invested into another business called Corksol. None of this would have been possible without the coaching from EBA
    Jamie Orr
    Director, Js Plasterers
  • Gordon-Simpson-Owner-of-Tyre-Seal
    I joined EBA just 9 months after setting up Tyre Seal. The business I’ve won from networking with other members & the masterclasses have really helped me establish my business. I’ve no idea how I would have survived without EBA.
    Gordon Simpson
    Owner, Tyre Seal
  • Within the first year as a member EBA, we have won £ 26,000,00 of new business. Thanks to the business & marketing coaching we are making more profit & now have a marketing strategy in place.
    Rebecca Hancock
    Director, Giraffe Graphics
  • My business has grown due to EBA helping me secure over £357,000 of new business. The masterclasses, coaching & monthly academies will help any business owner, who is looking to implement change & direction.
    Ryan Fraser
    Managing Director, Redefined Group
  • I’m working less hours & spending more time with my family for the first time in 22 years. Through the contacts I’ve met at EBA academies & from the social media coaching I have won £321,000 of work.
    Andrew Cam
    Director, Cosywarm Plumbing & Heating
  • I’ve significantly grown my business from being a member of EBA. The business & marketing coaching has been invaluable to me. I’ve also won new clients from attending their networking events.
    Hannah King
    Director, Social Management For Professionals

So, what are you waiting for?

If you are as serious about your personal and business development as I am about helping you achieve it, then you need to be an Elite Circle Member!