Social Media – Hashtags

Hashtags are an easy way to find each other on social media. Our hashtag; #EBAcircle is used by all of our members for numerous reasons. The main reason we use our hashtag is to communicate with […]

Social Media – Interactions

Being authentic through your posts and using your personal profiles on social media is a step in the right direction, however, just posting won’t build actual relationships. I have a saying: “You need to be in […]

Social Media – Pain Points

In order to get people to come to you for the products / services you can provide you need to post relevant things that appeal to your target market. So along with making sure customers know […]

Social Media – Type of Content

Just like I explained in the previous blog about why you should use your personal social media accounts as opposed to a business account; people buy from people. The social media content you put out there […]

Social Media – The Basics

Social media is so important in today’s lives. We use it on a daily basis but as business owners, we take it for granted. Facebook Platforms such as Facebook have now been configured to look like […]

Social Media

Do you use social media as a business? If not, why not? How Most Business Owners Use Social Media Social media is a free tool that will generate you leads as a business, if you use […]