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Claire Taylor
Raspberry Flamingo Copywriting & Content Marketing
SEO Copy and Content to get you found online!
Rated 5/5 24 reviews
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Copywriting and Content Marketing - On-Page SEO Specialists

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I’m the one with the raspberry hair who sits writing YOUR words, to attract YOUR clients, to increase YOUR sales.

Here at Raspberry Flamingo, we are On-Page SEO specialists and because of this your website and blogs will get found in Google searches and generate leads.

Our main services:
- SEO Website copy and Website Content
- SEO Blogs (with or without social media posts and email content)
- Lead Magnets & eBooks
- Email Marketing Campaigns
- Business Award Entries

I specialise in writing website copy including landing pages and sales pages… gosh I love a good sales page as I'm a direct response copywriter.

We write lead magnets and eBooks, so you can capture your prospect’s details and build a relationship with them through email marketing… and yes, we write the emails too.

We also write blogs and just about anything else you could require for your online presence.

I love writing winning business award entries and can proudly say I have a 100% record of finalists.

To do my job I need to understand your business, its personality and goals. I also need to understand who your target market is. I’m mentioning this as I tend to ask a lot of questions. Didn’t want you thinking I’m just really nosy!

I have fabulous content writers backing me up. Between us there’s not a lot of business or life we’ve not experienced! We make an awesome team, even if I do say so myself.

The story behind the name Raspberry Flamingo… well, I’m afraid you’re going to have to ask. I’m nearly at 1700 characters!

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I spoke to Claire regarding doing the copy on my website that I was having built, she made things so simple, easy and has done an amazing job. Since then I've had landing pages, email marketing campaigns, blogs and social media descriptions made and she never fails to deliver. I'd highly recommend Claire to anybody.

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Philip Todd - 01/05/2022

Outstanding! Suffering with the inability to write what I want to say how it should be said, me website content had to be done absolutely right.

From our initial call, Claire created a an amazing working relationship listening to exactly what I needed also making the effort to find out more about how I work in order to provide the best possible service.

Claire has also provided me with some amazing connections to develop my business. A true treasure to her industry. Thankyou!

Simon Pendlebury - 08/04/2022

Claire and her team are brilliant!

They have managed and written all my email sequences, my web copy and a lot of my web pages.

All in my tone of voice and to the correct SEO keywords.

I'm so happy that I have now outsourced my own monthly Thinking Cap blogs.

Amazing value, Amazing service, very friendly and an overall stunning partnership!

Lisa East - 01/03/2022

Claire has been amazing writing my copy for the website and my email marketing campaign. I lack any persuasion trying to get customers to sign up to my training however my sign up rate improved straight away after using Claire which actually made me way more money that it cost for the services.

Matthew Reynolds - 25/02/2022

Working with Raspberry Flamingo Copywriting has been amazing.
Claire and the team consistently produce first class copywriting for me. SEO rich blog posts on a monthly basis have massively helped my business. The process is really easy and actually saves me time, which is one of the biggest benefits to myself.
Thank you Claire for all your hard work.

Richard Copperwheat - 26/02/2022

I am just starting out with launching a new business, so I am currently getting my head around around the business world: setting up a full website, different systems and APPs that are useful, email marketing etc.
I wanted to make sure my website was worded perfectly and in a suitable way, that I have no experience in writing in the right way. Once I started I believed I had no clue as to where to start.
An then I met Claire at Raspberry Flamingo. We set up a 1 to 1 and hit it off straight away. we talked about my business and where I wanted it to go an Claire took notes. I had asked her to write the content for my website: the home page, about and full services page.
Later I received the 1st draft. I was blown away by how well it was written on the first draft! just from our conversation. I couldn't stop reading it! There was a small number of edits in which Claire happily did, I felt completely comfortable pointing them out, as you know sometimes you can feel like your nit picking but not in this case.
I would completely recommend Claire and Raspberry flamingo. A pleasure to work with if you are looking for the services they provide look no further. They also were happy to give me some advise on others things I am looking into.

I am also now using there services for Email marketing campaign!

Scarlet Howard - 25/01/2022

Claire went out of her way to make sure the copy for our new website was exactly as we wanted it.

Mark Hopps - 25/01/2022

I met Claire at my first EBA event and since then she has helped improve the content on our website dramatically. It's one thing to write copy but copy with SEO and talking about yourself is really hard. Claire made this simple, easy to manage and I was able to quickly take on board her hard work to improve my site.

I will now be recommending Claire's services to my clients and making her part of my strategy going forwards.

Paul Galer - 05/01/2022

I have known Claire for a few years now after meeting via the EBA, we have worked on many joint projects together and I am always happy to direct clients wanting a quality SEO copywriter for extra blog posts or landing pages, etc to Claire.

Overall a real diamond!

Guy Tomlinson - 20/10/2021

We've been using Claire for copywriting services and she's been great in helping us achieve the quality of content we desire when it comes to helping Trades businesses grow with digital marketing! Claire has become an integral part of our team. Thanks so much!

Francis Rodino - 19/08/2021

We met Claire late 2019 and have used her for numerous tasks so far including, and not limited to, preparing a introductory letter, copy for our website, blogs for our website, Social media Bios on multiple platforms and we continue to use her services and will do for the foreseeable future it's always a pleasure to work with her. Lee Fiori, Managing Director - Total Trades

lee fiori - 04/08/2021

Me and my team at Dark Cherry Creative have been fortunate to work with Claire first hand!

Our client was having a website built with us and commissioned Claire to help get the best out of their website content. It was a very stress free and seamless process. Claire knows what she is doing and puts everyone at ease.

We always recommend Claire when we are asked for a referral in the copywriting arena.

Richard Mansfield - 22/07/2021

I asked Claire to help me with my website wording... I'm rubbish talking about myself, so she asked all the relevant questions and put together an amazing piece of work! Clear, descriptive, informative, yet still keeping it very personal.. I'm so pleased with it.
Claire is a lovely person to engage with too and puts you at ease very easily. Thank you so much!!

Julie Woodhams - 10/07/2021

Claire certainly knows her stuff, she has helped me write my website copy and now helps me do my monthly blogs.

She ensure my character and professional tone of voice come across and better still all copy is built to perform for SEO.

No matter what your line of business is if you need words on your website, blogs, emails, award entries or emails - Claire and her flock are definitely the place to go.

I always recommend my clients to her too as the right words and tone of voice are also a fundamental part of building your brand.

Clare Froggatt - 01/07/2021

I am fortunate to now class Claire as a dear friend after working with her on so many projects.

Claire rocks when it comes to general digital marketing!

She is experienced in so many areas and I would say is an expert in knowing how to market your business online, using copy, websites, blogs, email marketing and social media.

I’ve used her knowledge to write copy for my site, emails and she’s also written an ebook for me.

She loves people and knowing what makes you tick so wants to know the detail underneath why you’re wanting to implement something so she can then best advise on the map ahead.

If you’re a bit stuck with your digital marketing seriously get in touch with Claire. You won’t regret it and wish you’d spoke to her sooner!! xx

Tanya Lloyd - 01/07/2021

I have used Claire on 3 separate projects whilst in the EBA.
Firstly we approached Claire with regards to a submission for a business award we had been nominated for. After just 1 meeting Claire understood the brief and prepared the documentation. We were pleased to say that with the help of Claire we won the Morley Chamber Company of the Year Award in 2019.

The second and third time we used Claire was for her word wizardry for our website content and new E-Book that is coming soon.

If you need special words for your business then look no further than Claire.

Thank you Claire!

Gary Ainley - 22/06/2021

Amazing bespoke service from claire and her team. They wrote great content with SEO in mind to get us the best results on google to take our business up the rankings. Claire really has a magic way with words and great at structuring the pages. Thanks again for all your help and will be using you again shortly for my monthly blog posts.

GAVIN MOORE - 24/06/2021

I worked with Claire on a project for a lead magnet. I knew what message I needed to get across but no idea on how to do it.

Claire was brilliant and had so many amazing ideas. She just knew exactly what to do.

The finish article is perfect in every way.

The communication was excellent and very reasonably priced.

I have already asked Claire to write the copy for my website and I have no doubt it will be perfect again.

Highly recommended! If you are looking for a copywriter then look no further - you have found the best!

Leigh Purdy - 25/06/2021

I run a web design business called Zap Websites. As a web design business, the biggest hassle we have (in most cases) is getting the content from the client.

Working with Claire and the team at Raspberry Flamingo totally takes that hassle away and makes our job of designing a high converting site easy. It also makes the process a lot more straightforward for the client too.

Claire is professional and gives clear communication in terms of what we could expect and when.

I now recommend Claire to all my clients that need copy for their new websites.

Paul Beardsley - Zap Websites - 25/06/2021

Wow! what a talented young lady Claire is. I thought I could write material and copy quite well, until we commissioned Claire at Raspberry Flamingo to help us with our website copy. Prior to placing our order, myself and Alison, had spoken with Claire in great detail about our business, our personality and the way our services could benefit others. We thought it might be a difficult task because we specialise in a specific kind of wellbeing therapy which is in its infancy, though growing rapidly internationally. This did not prove to be an issue however, as Claire clearly comprehended our business concept and captured our personality beautifully.
We gave her our permission to liaise with our website designer so she could maximise our SEO, which we were a little naive about, but this happened flawlessly. It did not stop there, as Claire was full of ideas for our business growth in general...conversations we look forward to discussing in more detail.
We are aware that she is highly thought of within the business community, and carries an impressive client portfolio. We are very grateful for her promptness, attention to detail...outstanding professionalism, amazing skill set and... wonderful engaging presence throughout.
People tell us our website is clear, concise and exciting to read...that is because of Claire...she is basically brilliant!
We are honoured to be able to provide this testimonial for Claire as we experienced exactly what one wants when doing business with somebody. Value for money, professionalism, patience and results that we were looking for. Please enjoy your experience working with her also.

Ray and Alison Mortimer - AlRay Hypnotherapy - 27/06/2021

When we decided that it was time to update our website at Fire Safety Specialists Ltd we approached Claire at Raspberry Flamingo to give us some new ideas.

We were really pleased with how quickly Claire responded but a little cautious about a completely different style of content to what we had previously.

After we\'d had time to adjust our mindset we decided that we\'d go ahead and after a few tweeks and adjustments we went live with the new look site.

The results have been really impressive and our enquiries have increased considerably.

We\'re so pleased with the work that Claire has done for us and we would happily recommend Raspberry Flamingo to anybody needing copywriting services.

vin maher - 24/06/2021

After needing a new website and not having a clue where to start on content for this I contacted Claire and from start to finish she was amazing and completed the work in a timely manner and to a high standard. Would happily use again and have no problem in recommending the team.

Duane Gilbert - 24/06/2021

Having worked with Claire on a number of projects for various clients it has become evident she is the go to person for copy and copywriting services.

Highly recommend by the DC Team and will certainly continue to work together in the future.

Richard Mansfield - Dark Cherry Creative - 24/06/2021

I worked with Claire on a project for my new website. Claire has created all my content as this is something that\'s not my strong point. Thank you so much. Claire worked really closely with me to make sure she understood exactly what I needed. I provided information that I felt would help but she also went away and did her own research. She has responded quickly to anything I have needed and also helped when I have needed clarity on things. The content Claire has created is absolutely fantastic thank you so much. I will absolutely work with Raspberry Flamingo again and recommend highly. I\'m really looking forward to working with you again. Thank you.

Rachel Gilbert - 24/06/2021
Rated 5/5 24 reviews
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