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Clare Ward
New Healthy Body
Reduce your aches and pains through Pilates
Rated 5/5 11 reviews
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We help people reduce their back pain and other aches and pains, improve their posture and core strength through our face to face and online Pilates classes and programmes.

- Do you want to Get Rid of Your Back Pain?
- Reduce Your Aches and Pains?
- Move More Freely and Easily?
- Reduce Your Stress Levels?
- Improve Your Posture?
- Increase Core Strength and Flexibility?

Pilates is the answer!

Our team of experienced instructors are passionate about helping you live a pain free and great quality of life, being able to move more freely and easily.

We use our own personal experiences such as recovering from a Prolapsed disc and Sciatica, Hip Surgery and other injuries and conditions to really empathise with our customers.

Classes are held at our friendly, calm and welcoming Pilates studio in Sheffield, as well as online through our Live streaming Classes.
We also have an On-Demand Pilates membership too.

All classes cater for mixed abilities so it does not matter if you a complete beginner or if you are experienced, as different options will be given throughout.

The Pilates exercises we teach will compliment any treatment you may be having with physiotherapists, osteopaths, and chiropractors.

Pilates also compliments other forms of activities and exercise routines you may be taking part in.

Join our 21-day Pilates Programme to lead a pain free and better quality of live being able to move and feel better and be part of our great community.

Our priority is to help you improve your health and well-being!

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I have been a member of New Healthy Body for a number of years. From the first class I did with Clare in the studio I was hooked. Her Pilates classes are brilliant. Clare and her team of Pilates instructors are very knowledgeable and can adapt their lessons for all abilities. The culture and ethos of New Healthy Body is that all ages and abilities are welcomed, no one is judge on their ability.
Due to lockdown classes had to move online but Clare was fantastic at keeping members motivated and her dedication to online classes helped members deal with the stress of the pandemic.
The online Facebook community which has been created helps to connect people who may feel isolated.
I recommend New Healthy Body without hesitation.

Sally Thomas - 22/07/2021

I have been attending g Pilates classes with Clare for over 2 years now, started as a beginner having never done Pilates before but find my weekly session very enjoyable and very beneficial.
I am currently pregnant and Clare has taken great care in adapting exercises for me.
Cannot recommend highly enough

Sally - 23/07/2021

Pilates has been a great help in keeping flexible and a brilliant way to ease the aches and stiffness of arthritis. Clare always finds a way for you to get the most benefit from the exercises. Her Facebook page and health and well-being group are other great ways to get the most from studio every day

Sheila Fern - 06/07/2021

I love my Pilates classes at NHB. No egos. Fantastic teaching that gives the options
from the basic to more advanced moves so, even from the start, everyone is catered for regardless of age and mobility. I have been going for 2 years and have upped to two classes a week.. love it!!!

Bev Titterton - 21/07/2021

Reduce your aches and pains through Pilates , it said. Oh yeah, I thought. Might as well give it a go. Well, am I glad I did. It has really helped me. I would recommend anyone to give it a go. What have you got to lose except your aches and pains.

Brenda Bartles - 21/07/2021

Amazing service from Clare and the team so pleased I joined the classes are excellent highly recommend

Lynn Bailey - 21/07/2021

I have suffered with severe lower back pain for a good few years which effects me each and every single day.

Clare and I had a fantastic 121 Zoom call, where we discussed my back issues and I was invited to a 21 day online Pilates class

I have never taken part in a Pilates class before, but I loved it. Clare is very thorough and explains each and every pose

My back is certainly feeling a little easier and I look forward to my weekly class

Highly recommended to anyone out there needing to ease backpain and improve their posture

Sandie Bruce - 12/07/2021

I am not a keep fit person. I have several conditions that hamper movement. BUT Clare always has time, even in busy classes to make sure that I’m ok and to find me an alternative if I’m struggling. I really enjoy the sessions and feel much looser at the end. Thanks Clare.

Brenda Bartles - 01/07/2021

I have had the pleasure of being taught Pilates online by Clare!

I did her 21 Day Challenge and found it really useful to support the strength of my core.

I LOVE ️ her FB Group for ideas, tips and reminders about health and well being.

Quite gutted I can’t easily join your classes in Sheffield ~ bit of a drive!! xx

Tanya Lloyd - 28/06/2021

Clare has an impressive skill set in the field of health and wellbeing which, we most certainly have benefitted from. We attend weekly online and studio class times with New Healthy Body to feel better with our bodies and posture. The depth of knowledge available and her understanding about the body and its range of movement is clearly exceptional. You can discuss injuries and niggles with Clare and her team and use it to improve and relieve different areas of the body.
Clare and her team are devoted to helping others to feel better...often going above and beyond. What is really fascinating is that she and her team observe everybody like a hawk in class so that the team can advise to feel more centred and make tweaks to maximise an exercise which is exceptionally re-assuring and dedicated. All the students we see in class are always motivated and invested in their own health which, makes the class atmosphere charged with good vibes and respect for each other, and it does not matter what shape and size you are. I have my own back issues which are much easier to manage since starting Pilates and Alison\'s flexibility and balance has improved . Once you are experienced with the techniques in more detail you can really appreciate that it\'s not just Pilates but the way it\'s being taught and the togetherness sense of it all. We are just normal people wanting to feel better...and we do, thanks to Clare and her team at New Healthy Body...they are outstanding. Join her FB group if you want to learn more and get a feel for things. Remember, its the effort you put in and Clare and her team will help you to do this by giving it there all. Go with it, it\'s cool.

Ray and Alison Mortimer - AlRay Hypnotherapy - 27/06/2021

Over lockdown my working environment changed. I found myself working from home and sat at my desk and laptop for 9 hours a day.

This has resulted in really poor posture which lead to pains in my back, neck and hips. This really started to affect my day to day life.

I started attending Clare's classes both online and in person in her studio when restrictions permitted. The classes are brilliant and Clare's experience and knowledge as helped me to be pain free.

From what I've learned from Clare I now stretch every day for 10 mins and continue to attend classes. If you are suffering from any form of back or neck pain I would recommend that you attend Clare's classes.

Craig Wilkinson - 22/06/2021
Rated 5/5 11 reviews
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