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Reduce your aches and pains through Pilates
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We help people reduce their back pain and other aches and pains, improve their posture and core strength through our face to face and online Pilates classes and programmes.

- Do you want to Get Rid of Your Back Pain?
- Reduce Your Aches and Pains?
- Move More Freely and Easily?
- Reduce Your Stress Levels?
- Improve Your Posture?
- Increase Core Strength and Flexibility?

Pilates is the answer!

Our team of experienced instructors are passionate about helping you live a pain free and great quality of life, being able to move more freely and easily.

We use our own personal experiences such as recovering from a Prolapsed disc and Sciatica, Hip Surgery and other injuries and conditions to really empathise with our customers.

Classes are held at our friendly, calm and welcoming Pilates studio in Sheffield, as well as online through our Live streaming Classes.
We also have an On-Demand Pilates membership too.

All classes cater for mixed abilities so it does not matter if you a complete beginner or if you are experienced, as different options will be given throughout.

The Pilates exercises we teach will compliment any treatment you may be having with physiotherapists, osteopaths, and chiropractors.

Pilates also compliments other forms of activities and exercise routines you may be taking part in.

Join our 21-day Pilates Programme to lead a pain free and better quality of live being able to move and feel better and be part of our great community.

Our priority is to help you improve your health and well-being!

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Just completed the 21-day program after wondering if pilates was for me..... a 50-year-old male with various ailments, very dodgy back being one of them. I can't believe the difference it has made, even after a few weeks I feel stronger, have a lot less back pain, and have more energy.
Clare made me feel extremely welcome and I have to say at no point have I felt self-conscious, a preconception I had given myself. The groups are a perfect size so help is always on hand if you are unsure of anything or just want confirmation you are performing the exercise correctly.
I am now a full member and look forward to my weekly session with the other members where I can concentrate on myself and park life at the door.
Cannot recommend New Healthy Body enough and would urge everyone to give it a go.

David - 02/03/2023

Having just completed my 21 day program. I am delighted to say I have signed up as a full member. I have multiple issues which I won't share but trust me when I say if you are experiencing joint pains / back / balance issues this is a must.
Having tried pilates before , but never felt comfortable or supported so never continued. I was very wary about joining New Body.
However my fears have been blow away. Not only have I found Clare to be friendly, approachable and most of all knowledgeable she somehow makes the sessions fun... It's the fastest hour of my week and trust me thats not easy.
The other class members are also friendly and supportive.. No judgement whatever your size ,shape or ability.
After the first session I saw / felt the benefits ... felt more energised, slept better, able to walk further without pain.
I now look forward to my sessions at New Healthy Body. So much so my default diary is organised around them , not the other way round.xx

Go on give the 21days a try... Promise you won't regret it.

Natalie - 01/03/2023

Enjoyed a free taster session then signed up for the 21day programme. Now a member. I've been struggling with neck and shoulder discomfort for years and my posture has declined. Starting to feel the benefits and am noticing that I'm already standing taller and sitting up straighter. Clare is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly, is so supportive and offers great advice. The other members are so welcoming and friendly. Thank you.

Alison Prentice - 31/01/2023

Joined New Healthy Body 21day programme after a free taster session. I joined for my back issues and general health aches and pains. Also for my mental health. I have found this has really helped and I can’t wait to continue my Pilates journey. Lovely friendly staff and fellow members felt so welcome.

Joan - 31/01/2023

I joined New Healthy Body 21 Day Pilates programme after being recommended it by a couple of friends after injuring my lower back at work. I had a few reservations at first and wasn’t very optimistic that it would improve my injury after struggling on for over 4 months with physio and not much improvement.
I met Clare on my first session and straight away she was reassuring and made me feel comfortable and welcome.
Within a couple of sessions I noticed a massive improvement in my range of movements and the pain I was having day in day out had severely reduced.
I am now 5 sessions in and have joined up to New Healthy Body full time and could not be happier. I am now back at work and beginning to get my normal active life back, walking, running, footballing etc.
The Pilates programme has improved my physical and mental health ten fold and this is all due to the team at New Healthy Body.
I would recommend anybody who is struggling with an injury or general aches and pains to try the 21 day Pilates program and I can guarantee you will see an improvement in your physical health.
Clare and the team are amazing and will cater to anybody’s needs, whatever your ability or circumstances are !
Definitely give it a try !

Josh Hartley - 10/11/2022

Due to suffering with chronic back pain every day which was definitely affecting my mood I decided to give Pilates a go and I am amazed at the difference it has made. I have experienced many days of no pain at all in my back and it has definitely made me feel much better in myself. Clare is such a nice person and will always go that extra mile to show you how to properly do the exercises that have massive benefits to them.

Mark - 20/10/2022

In the run up to finishing work I was struggling with sciatica type symptoms which worsened with being inactive. Pilates was always something I wanted to try and it has been the perfect answer. The symptoms have virtually gone. Pilates energises you and the strength you gain in the exercises is put to good use in daily life. I would recommend it without hesitation. Clare is always trying her best to offer Pilates classes in a variety of ways

Sheila Fern - 03/10/2022

I've really enjoyed going to pilates although a bit apprehensive at first. I've been diagnosed with a neuro endocrine tumour and Clare has amended the exercises where necessary to accommodate my foibles! I've found it really helpful.

Hilary Baker - 25/08/2022

I have never found going to the gym and working on equipment, one of my favourite methods of keeping fit and always wanted to try Pilates. Fortunately when I retired 7 years ago I found Clare's studio. Clare is full of positivity and encouragement; her instructions are clear and helpful so you can work within your own limits. Clare and her team make Pilates classes a joy to attend Pilates is so beneficial to easing aches and pain and feeling great.

Sheila Fern - 28/04/2022

There is something for everyone, I'm able to work to my own limits. Whilst I can't do everything, I can do enough to see improvement. Unlike other things I've done, I've stuck at this and enjoyed it for 2 years

Carol Steele - 12/04/2022

I'd never done Pilates before, so was a little apprehensive when I started. Clare put me at ease straight away and reassured me that the exercises are tailored to different levels of ability. Clare describes each exercise so well and talks you through, gently correcting posture to gain maximum effect from each one.

There are various class times both in the studio or online to choose from so I can easily fit Pilates into my schedule. I know that I'm in safe hands with Clare and her team.

I've been a member now for nearly 2 years and have seen massive improvements in my core strength, balance and flexibility. It's definitely beneficial at the same time as being enjoyable and feeling part of a community.

If you want to improve your mobility, flexibility or ease back/neck pain I recommend having a go at Pilates with Clare and her team at New Healthy Body.

Alison Mortimer - 07/04/2022

started of with the 21 day pilates course really enjoyed the class. Clare is a great instructor you can clearly see she cares abouts all her clients and generally wants to help everyone especially if they are suffering with any issues, mine is my back have noticed a difference already so I am now a full member and feeling postive.

Sarah Shepherd - 03/03/2022

I used to suffer from lower back pain following a long stay in hospital, and I couldn’t seem to get better. I heard of New Healthy Body Pilates classes and decided to give it a go. Having never tried Pilates before I didn’t know what to expect but I’m definitely a convert and have never looked back. Clare and her team have such a great ethos and belief in helping people of all ages and abilities. I now have no back pain and know how to prevent it recurring. I love the friendly atmosphere in my weekly sessions and would recommend anybody to give New Healthy Body a go. Thanks Clare

Judith Kirk - 11/02/2022

Since joining new healthy body and taking part in the face to face Pilates sessions I have seen huge improvements in my balance, my spatial awareness and my overall well-being. I have the ability to move better and experience less back discomfort. All these things were such big problems before joining the classes. I manage a long term neurological condition that effects my motor function, like walking, core stability slowness of movement and a tremor. This also impacts on my emotional health.

The classes are friendly and inviting, Clare structures the lessons around various abilities and gives different options to allow you to chose the level of ability you have. Clare is encouraging and motivating. She gives tips and tricks throughout the session, adjusting your position if needed to ensure you get the most out of your session. She gives me positive feedback and encouragement when sessions are tough. I think everyone should try Pilates you won’t look back

Clare - 15/02/2022

Having been involved with the EBA since its inception, and having seen how members both old and new interact and behave online, I have to say that I honestly believe that Clare is probably the most welcoming and supportive member that I have encountered. The energy that she puts into the group and into being there for whoever needs her is incredible.
I live too far away to join Clare’s classes, and online classes aren’t for me, but I can’t imagine that there’s a more caring and invested person to help solve any issues you might have, or to work with on improving general well-being and heath. Just a proper good egg!

Kathryn Rushfirth - 21/01/2022

I attended Clare's Dream, Believe and Achieve workshop on 15 January and it was a great session.

I have been setting my business goals for 2022 and attending this session allowed me to get clear on my "me" goals for 2022 also - the timing was perfect.

Thank you Clare for a great workshop.

Kat Derbyshire - 17/01/2022

I attended the Dream, Believe & Achieve Workshop at New Healthy Body last week and it was hugely beneficial, helping me to set SMART goals and ensure I stay on track working towards these. Clare is warm and friendly, she shared lots of her personal experiences throughout the workshop and offered lots of inspiration so that we could manifest anything we wanted to. Highly recommended!

Harvey Morton - 17/01/2022

Clare and her team consistently deliver high quality Pilates classes. I have been attending Pilates with Clare for over 2 years now both in the studio and over zoom.

Sometimes life gets in the way and I don’t attend classes for a couple of weeks. The difference in how I feel is astonishing. When regularly attending classes I feel fitter, stronger, more flexible and pain free. A couple of weeks off and I’m like an old woman despite being in my early 30s!

Clare and her team are professional and very friendly. They always take the time to tailor movements to individual needs and are very knowledgeable.

You can rest assured you are in a safe and non judgmental environment at the studio. I can’t recommend Clare enough, she really will help you to reach your goals. If you are thinking about Pilates you can’t go wrong with Clare!

Sarah Jones - 15/01/2022

I decided to give Pilates a try because I was experiencing a lot of pain from  my shoulder and hip joints.

When I say a lot it was keeping me awake at night.

I knew Clare from networking with the Elite Business Academy and I knew that she was very dedicated and sincere about what she does and so I signed up for a 21 day trial with her.

I was quickly blown away by her professionalism and her depth of knowledge in her subject so much so that once my 21 day trial finished I had no hesitation in signing up for regular sessions.

After 6 or 7 weeks I suddenly realized that I'd had no more discomfort from either my shoulders or my hips so it was clearly working.

So I'd like to say a big thank you to Clare and to encourage anybody with aches and pains or back problems to have a chat with her to see if she can help.

Vin Maher - 16/01/2022

Excellent pilates classes with Clare and the team I had never done pilates before and ant recommend highly enough great atmosphere in class and I now feel stronger and fitter and all my back pain gone! Thank you Clare!

Lynn Bailey - 12/01/2022

I cannot recommend Clare's Pilates class enough. Twelve months ago I had quite a problem with my back. I decided to give Pilates a go and I'm so pleased that I did. My lower back is now pain free and I have so much more movement than I've had for years. Clare is very patient and her advise on the different levels of the excercises is most encouraging. Thank you for your hard work Clare in keeping the on-line classes going, it's really appreciated.

Kathleen Marples - 20/12/2021

After having an operation, Covid and pneumonia in a few short months my physical health was at it's worst in years. I knew I had to do something but was really unsure because of how poor my mobility was. I contacted Clare and in two weeks I can see a remarkable improvement. Clare is kind, reassuring and extremely professional. She listens, understands and helps you to believe you can turn an awful situation into something positive and proactive. I never wanted to run a marathon just to improve my balance, get my joints and muscles moving again and enjoy walking my dog. I am gaining confidence in what my body can do now and it is thanks to Clares expert support and guidance. No matter how low your starting point is I am sure Clare can help you. just like she is helping me.

Wendy Garcarz - 26/11/2021

Clare has the patience of a saint!
I have attended her online pilates courses and she gives such clear instruction and guidance watching everyone to ensure they are completing the exercises for the best results.
The classes are suitable for complete beginners like me, right up to experts. I was having issues with back, balance and ankle issues - not good when you are about to embark on a 104 mile walk! With Clare's support and guidance I was pain free for the duration of my walk.
Thank you Clare xx

Michele Ibbs - 27/10/2021

I have been a member of New Healthy Body for a number of years. From the first class I did with Clare in the studio I was hooked. Her Pilates classes are brilliant. Clare and her team of Pilates instructors are very knowledgeable and can adapt their lessons for all abilities. The culture and ethos of New Healthy Body is that all ages and abilities are welcomed, no one is judge on their ability.
Due to lockdown classes had to move online but Clare was fantastic at keeping members motivated and her dedication to online classes helped members deal with the stress of the pandemic.
The online Facebook community which has been created helps to connect people who may feel isolated.
I recommend New Healthy Body without hesitation.

Sally Thomas - 22/07/2021

I have been attending g Pilates classes with Clare for over 2 years now, started as a beginner having never done Pilates before but find my weekly session very enjoyable and very beneficial.
I am currently pregnant and Clare has taken great care in adapting exercises for me.
Cannot recommend highly enough

Sally - 23/07/2021

Pilates has been a great help in keeping flexible and a brilliant way to ease the aches and stiffness of arthritis. Clare always finds a way for you to get the most benefit from the exercises. Her Facebook page and health and well-being group are other great ways to get the most from studio every day

Sheila Fern - 06/07/2021

I love my Pilates classes at NHB. No egos. Fantastic teaching that gives the options
from the basic to more advanced moves so, even from the start, everyone is catered for regardless of age and mobility. I have been going for 2 years and have upped to two classes a week.. love it!!!

Bev Titterton - 21/07/2021

Reduce your aches and pains through Pilates , it said. Oh yeah, I thought. Might as well give it a go. Well, am I glad I did. It has really helped me. I would recommend anyone to give it a go. What have you got to lose except your aches and pains.

Brenda Bartles - 21/07/2021

Amazing service from Clare and the team so pleased I joined the classes are excellent highly recommend

Lynn Bailey - 21/07/2021

I have suffered with severe lower back pain for a good few years which effects me each and every single day.

Clare and I had a fantastic 121 Zoom call, where we discussed my back issues and I was invited to a 21 day online Pilates class

I have never taken part in a Pilates class before, but I loved it. Clare is very thorough and explains each and every pose

My back is certainly feeling a little easier and I look forward to my weekly class

Highly recommended to anyone out there needing to ease backpain and improve their posture

Sandie Bruce - 12/07/2021

I am not a keep fit person. I have several conditions that hamper movement. BUT Clare always has time, even in busy classes to make sure that I’m ok and to find me an alternative if I’m struggling. I really enjoy the sessions and feel much looser at the end. Thanks Clare.

Brenda Bartles - 01/07/2021

I have had the pleasure of being taught Pilates online by Clare!

I did her 21 Day Challenge and found it really useful to support the strength of my core.

I LOVE ️ her FB Group for ideas, tips and reminders about health and well being.

Quite gutted I can’t easily join your classes in Sheffield ~ bit of a drive!! xx

Tanya Lloyd - 28/06/2021

Clare has an impressive skill set in the field of health and wellbeing which, we most certainly have benefitted from. We attend weekly online and studio class times with New Healthy Body to feel better with our bodies and posture. The depth of knowledge available and her understanding about the body and its range of movement is clearly exceptional. You can discuss injuries and niggles with Clare and her team and use it to improve and relieve different areas of the body.
Clare and her team are devoted to helping others to feel better...often going above and beyond. What is really fascinating is that she and her team observe everybody like a hawk in class so that the team can advise to feel more centred and make tweaks to maximise an exercise which is exceptionally re-assuring and dedicated. All the students we see in class are always motivated and invested in their own health which, makes the class atmosphere charged with good vibes and respect for each other, and it does not matter what shape and size you are. I have my own back issues which are much easier to manage since starting Pilates and Alison\'s flexibility and balance has improved . Once you are experienced with the techniques in more detail you can really appreciate that it\'s not just Pilates but the way it\'s being taught and the togetherness sense of it all. We are just normal people wanting to feel better...and we do, thanks to Clare and her team at New Healthy Body...they are outstanding. Join her FB group if you want to learn more and get a feel for things. Remember, its the effort you put in and Clare and her team will help you to do this by giving it there all. Go with it, it\'s cool.

Ray and Alison Mortimer - AlRay Hypnotherapy - 27/06/2021

Over lockdown my working environment changed. I found myself working from home and sat at my desk and laptop for 9 hours a day.

This has resulted in really poor posture which lead to pains in my back, neck and hips. This really started to affect my day to day life.

I started attending Clare's classes both online and in person in her studio when restrictions permitted. The classes are brilliant and Clare's experience and knowledge as helped me to be pain free.

From what I've learned from Clare I now stretch every day for 10 mins and continue to attend classes. If you are suffering from any form of back or neck pain I would recommend that you attend Clare's classes.

Craig Wilkinson - 22/06/2021
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