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Gary Ainley
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Commercial Debt Recovery

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Too many companies waste time on collecting outstanding debt. Expert Collections can sort this for you, we use late payment legislation to charge your debtor for commercial debt collection, so you don't pay a penny.
We understand that if you have an outstanding invoice owing, it can seriously affect your cash flow and have a massive impact on your business.

Some of our clients have been unable to pay their workforce, the rent on premises, their suppliers, and even themselves! One large debt can destroy a business.

Many of our clients come to us as a last-ditch attempt to recover their money, not knowing where else to turn.

We are unique in our industry because we don't charge our clients 15-25% of the recovered money as a fee, as most debt collectors do. We add a late payment fee to your invoice value and so your debtor pays us, and you receive 100% of the monies owing to you.

In the small number of circumstances where we are not able to enforce the late payment fee, we will charge you just 5% of the invoice value on a no win, no fee basis.

We are always transparent and upfront with all matters, so you will always know what is happening and what monies you will receive back through a successful collection.

We work in this way because we have total confidence in our experience and we are industry experts and have an incredible 95% successful debt recovery rate.

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I was very nervous about submitting an overdue client account for collection. I really didn't want to ruin my relationship with my client because its someone I really like and love working for.

Gary talked me through the process and made me feel extremely comfortable about using their services.

The debt was collected swiftly and, although time will tell, I truly hope without damaging my relationship with the client.

Expert collections keep you informed every step of the way and you receive 100% of your invoice value.

Never worry about an overdue invoice again - just submit it to Gary and his team.

Claire Taylor - 02/09/2021

Blue Portal have used Gary an his team on a few occasions with differing amounts to collect. It did not seem to matter the size of the debt they dealt with it very quickly and we always received the full amount. I cannot recommend Gary and Expert Collections enough to my other business colleagues who I know have used him and had the same experience.
Thanks Gary and Team

Eddie Portman - 23/07/2021

Myself and make a brew are grateful for the help and support Gary and the expert collections team have given us - when we have struggled to get paid..

Gary has alway been very friendly, approachable and professional. By using his service I have still maintained mu customer relationships.

Thankyou Gary, it is a greta stress reliever to have you on my team.

Clare Froggatt - 23/07/2021

Rushfirth Creative has used Gary’s services on a number of occasions. He has given us advice, support and general guidance and when necessary taken appropriate action on our behalf. A consummate professional who knows his stuff inside out, this plain-talking Yorkshireman should be anyone’s first port of call when a client is dragging their heels on payment. Better still, talk to him before issues arise - prevention is better than a cure and Gary’s wisdom could prevent your business from suffering some serious financial heartache.
In summary.... realistically not all debts out there can be recovered. But if ANYONE could do it, I know GARY could. That’s why I am happy to give him a genuine 5 star recommendation.

Howard Rushfirth - 11/07/2021

We have used Gary on a number of occasions to collect debt for us. I think he must have some sort of magic wand to get the job done because that is what he does.

I can highly recommend Gary if you are struggling to get paid. Just hand it over to him.

If it can be done he will get it done!

Justin Widdop - 29/06/2021

I have used Gary and his company many times in the past to collect debts on behalf of my accounting clients and will always do so.

Gary has successfully collected every debt I have sent his way and this makes me very happy as it makes my clients happy :)

I would highly recommend Gary and Expert Collections.

Bev Flanagan - 22/06/2021
Rated 5/5 6 reviews
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