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Andrew Bourke
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HR & Employment Law

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HR & Employment Law provision of advice to clients. Outsourced HR & Employment Law. 25 year’s experience (as of 2021) in the field of HR & Employment Law. We provide bespoke creation of Company Contracts of Employment, Terms & Conditions and Company/Employee Handbooks.

We provide a can-do level of service to our clients, where we listen to what they want us to do and how they want to resolve any HR or Employment Law issues in their business. We are not a call centre and we don't have a one size fits all approach.

Our advice is both professional and practical as well as commercially led by listening to what our clients want as an outcome in their business.

We provide 24/7 support to our clients, with advice where and when they need it. We are open at the weekend, if your business is open, so are we.

From dealing with one off issues through to our award winning monthly support,

We are hands on dealing with any employee issues, not only in providing practical advice to sort the issues out, but also in the provision of any necessary letters for grievance or disciplinary.

The cost of going to an Employment Tribunal is rising each year, and the best prevention and cure to this is get the best advice possible ensuring that you follow in full the ACAS Code of Practice.

We can advise on:

- Redundancy
- Dismissal
- Grievance
- Occupational Health Issues (employees being off long term or repeated sickness absence)
- Contracts of Employment (bespoke)
- Company Handbook (bespoke)
- Basic Health & Safety
- Settlement Agreements
- 24/7 HR & Employment Law Helpline

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16 Society Road, South Quensferry, EH30 9RX


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Andrew is a godsend! He saved my business hands down and he certainly knows his stuff.

Reliable, professional, great customer service. Andrew Traveled from Scotland to West Yorkshire to help me with a problem and the service he delivered was exceptional. He and his team have been there for our company now for 3 years and the service is always top-notch, he is always happy to take my calls and I would highly recommend and his company.
Thank you
Helen Hargreaves
Picson Printing & Embroidery

Helen Hargreaves - 29/06/2021
Rated 5/5 1 review
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