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Social Media – Hashtags

Hashtags are an easy way to find each other on social media. Our hashtag; #EBAcircle is used by all of our members for numerous reasons. The main reason we use our hashtag is to communicate with […]

Social Media – Interactions

Being authentic through your posts and using your personal profiles on social media is a step in the right direction, however, just posting won’t build actual relationships. I have a saying: “You need to be in […]

Social Media – Pain Points

In order to get people to come to you for the products / services you can provide you need to post relevant things that appeal to your target market. So along with making sure customers know […]

Social Media – Type of Content

Just like I explained in the previous blog about why you should use your personal social media accounts as opposed to a business account; people buy from people. The social media content you put out there […]

Social Media – Personal vs. Business

Many business owners have separate profiles, separate pages, separate posts. They keep their business and personal life separate and that may be because they were brought up to keep those lives separate, or it may be […]

Social Media – The Basics

Social media is so important in today’s lives. We use it on a daily basis but as business owners, we take it for granted. Facebook Platforms such as Facebook have now been configured to look like […]

Social Media

Do you use social media as a business? If not, why not? How Most Business Owners Use Social Media Social media is a free tool that will generate you leads as a business, if you use […]