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Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a member?

It’s very simple. You just head over to the Academy website and click “become a member”. Fill in your details & register. As soon as you’ve done this you have instant access to all membership benefits.

How much does membership cost?

Membership is completely FREE for the first 30 days. After that you’ll be charged £47+ VAT on a monthly basis.

How does the free trial work?

You get instant access to all membership benefits absolutely free for 30 days. You do need to input your card details to create a new membership on our system, however your card will not be charged in those 30 days. Once the 30 days are up you can simply continue to benefit from your membership and you’ll automatically be charged £47+ VAT monthly or you can choose to cancel your membership if you wish.

Who can join the Elite Business Academy?

The Elite Business Academy is for any business owners who wish to find help, support, knowledge and motivation to grow and improve their business. The Elite Business Academy would not be suited to sales reps or anyone that poses a conflict of interest with the services the Elite Business Academy provides to its members. We have lots of members with various sized businesses in a range of different industries and sectors.

Is there a contract?

There is no contract. You are not tied into anything and there are no annual subscriptions etc. You may cancel your membership hassle free at any time. We are here to help you not hinder you.

What industries are your members in?

Our members are from a varied range of industries. For example, we have members that are 1-man band construction workers, to balloon artists, lingerie designers to huge corporate training organisations. Our members can be service or product-based businesses.

Do you have a 'lock out' policy of one business per industry?

We do not operate a “lock out policy”. The reason for this is we are a business and marketing coaching organisation as well as a networking one too. We will help anyone who needs our help and support and we would never turn you away just because there is someone else we know that does what you do. Our networking events have a very special positive culture and members tend to work in collaboration with each other rather than competition. We also teach you how to be seen as an expert within your industry and how to dominate your market so you should have no problem with anyone else doing what you do too, and let’s admit it, people buy from people so as long as you are making the effort to build relationships with fellow members you’ll win business.

Who are the other Elite Business Academy members?

Some of our members have been with us for 9 years now. Others only joined recently during the pandemic. Some join for the networking, some for the business and marketing coaching and others simply for the positive belonging, personal development and social side. You can take from us what you choose. Our members will always go out of their way to help make you feel welcome. They themselves have come up with the word “belonging” to describe the unique and positive culture we have. As cheesy as it may sound everyone’s like a big family. It can be lonely sometimes running your own business but not when you have all these people behind you to bounce ideas off and hold you accountable. Our members come from all over the UK.

Can you help put me in touch with other members?

Of course, we can! There’re various ways this can be done, you can attend an in person or an online networking event, we can make a formal introduction for you or you can even search for them in our Member’s Directory and fill in an enquiry form on their page too. This will notify them of your interest and they can contact you. We also have many social events so you can get to know other members on an informal basis too.

Is membership for a company or an individual?

Membership is for the individual. We would expect the same person to turn up to events so that your fellow members can get to know, like and trust you as a person and therefore want to work with you. We also work a lot with members on their own mindset and personal development too. You will have your own profile in our Members Directory where people can search for you and your business and leave you reviews or fill in an enquiry form. More than 1 person is permitted to join from a business (for instance if you have a business partner) but that would be classed as 2 memberships.

How can I make sure my business is maximising its membership?

You can start by having a Marketing Power Hour with our Growth Mentor – Harry Wilkinson. Harry will show you tools, techniques and strategies to improve your marketing strategy and attract more profitable leads. You can join our EBA Members Club private Facebook group where you can ask for any advice and get to know other members. You can set up your profile inside our Member’s Directory making it easy for people to find your products and services and arrange 121’s with you. By attending both the online and in person networking events you can build your brand awareness, credibility and rapport with other members and therefore win business from them. You also have full on demand access to the VAULT where you can work through various courses and resources in your own time to improve your knowledge and own mindset and personal development too. Craig also runs a monthly live Business and Marketing Q&A session where you can submit any challenges or questions you have and he personally coaches you through them. Once you start implementing what you learn from the EBA Team, the VAULT and other members you’ll see huge positive growth within your business. It’s basically just about showing up and taking action on what you learn. You will always have our full support should you need any additional help or advice.

How do I cancel my membership?

Very simply just head over to the “My Account” section inside the VAULT and then click “Subscriptions” and here you will find the option to cancel. Your membership is cancelled instantly and you will lose access to the VAULT as well as events such as Live business & marketing Q&A, Networking events, Marketing Power Hours etc. You will also lose access to our Members Facebook group. Please note that when you cancel your membership you will lose your Member Directory Profile and any reviews you had gained on there from your customers and clients too. You will be sent an email confirmation that your membership has been cancelled and we would appreciate your feedback as to why you’ve left so that we can continually improve.

I want to come back – how can I re-join?

Go to login and try to log in with your original username and password. This will prompt an “Oops” screen to appear with 3 options on it. You select “Option 2 – Reactivate my Membership” and this will log you back in to your account. You will need to re-input your payment details. Once you have re-joined you’


Do I need to be a member to attend your events?

The only event you can attend as a non-member is our Online Networking event. For all other in person networking events and all business and marketing coaching sessions with Craig, Harry, Emily etc you must be a member.

Are all events covered as part of membership?

We understand that logistically not all members can attend all of the in-person events every month so it would be very unfair of us to include this cost in membership. Therefore, our in-person networking events are extra however you can attend as many or as few of these as you like. The investment to attend an in-person networking huddle is £15 + Vat which includes tea & coffee refreshments. Some people choose to do them all every month, others will just stick to online, it really is up to you. Members also get discounted and priority tickets to EBA LIVE (which usually sees 150 business owners attending for a full day) and this includes refreshments as well as lunch and workbooks etc.

How do I book onto an event?

All of our events are listed in our Events Calendar that you will find here and can be accessed via the VAULT too. You simply click on the event you’d like and it will show you all of the information for that particular event. Fill in your details for a ticket and you will be sent email and text message confirmation of your secured ticket. You’ll be sent Zoom links for anything online and a QR code ticket for the in-person events. For the Live Business & Marketing Q&A sessions you can submit a question on the bottom of the registration page and Craig will answer this live during the session.

I’ve been to some other networking events and I’m not sure if it is for me, what makes the EBA Networking different?

We are a thriving and supportive business community. It’s lonely running your own business and nobody has ever taught many of us how to run one. That’s what we are here for to help you to grow and improve and win business along the way. We do not put any pressure on you whatsoever to bring any guests or pass referrals. We believe that by teaching our members how to EDUCATE others on how they provide VALUE they can win business without having to shove business cards in each other’s faces or be forced to work with someone they may not potentially feel comfortable doing business with. Despite the fact members pass business organically and naturally they have passed a whopping £64.3 Million of business between one another. You will find that everyone is friendly and welcoming and most make lifelong friends through our community. New members often praise us and comment on the positive and supportive culture we have created. We are really proud of the opportunities we offer to our members to help grow their confidence and gain more PROFITABLE leads.

What is the difference between EBA LIVE and the EBA Huddles?

The Huddles are the smaller events that run monthly in various cities across the UK and online. These consist of the opportunity to deliver your elevator pitch to everyone there as well as the opportunity to have some 121’s too. Usually members stay and have lunch and a few drinks together at the end. These run from 9.45am – 11.45am.

The EBA LIVE is the UK’s largest Networking, Business Coaching and Motivational event and this is run on a quarterly basis. This is a full day event where you get to meet and network with around 150 business owners who flock from all over the UK to join us for a buzzing day. Craig delivers a powerful coaching session and provides you with any resources you’ll need and there may usually be an inspirational or motivational guest speaker. Lunch is included and there’s usually a social afterwards too. Our EBA LIVE events are described by members as “unmissable” and “phenomenal”. Members get discounted and priority tickers for EBA LIVE.

Business & Marketing Coaching

What areas are covered in the coaching?

We cover various areas such as:

  • Mindset & Personal Development
  • Business Planning
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Systems, Procedures & Automation
  • Time Management
  • Cash & Finance
  • Teams & Training
  • Networking & Contacts
  • Products & Services
  • Websites & SEO
  • Podcast & Video Creation
  • Customer Service

How do I know you are qualified to deliver this coaching?

We all start out running a business we are passionate about but our parents nor our tutors often teach us about working ON a business, just how to work IN it. Craig, the Founder of the Elite Business Academy was a dyslexic one-man band joiner who found a business coach. He remortgaged his house to pay for it and took action on everything he learnt. He started from scratch, grew, ran and sold a very successful construction business. He understands first-hand the challenges you face as do his children Emily & Harry who have experienced this journey for themselves. It’s now our mission to help other business owners save lots of time, money and effort and learn how to run a business the right way instead of just winging it. The results we achieve for members speak for themselves and have such a positive affect for them at home with their family, especially getting their time back and making more profit. Craig was voted “Yorkshire’s Business Man of the Year” with over 16,000 public votes. We also bring in industry experts for any Guest Speaker sessions too.

How do I access this coaching?

You can access lots of courses in all the areas mentioned above inside the VAULT. There’s “Quick Coaching” as well as more in-depth courses you can complete and download your certificate for. When you join you will get a 121 Marketing Power Hour with Harry who will help you to uncover your current strengths and weaknesses and plan a profitable marketing strategy. You also get access to Craig during the live business and marketing Q&A each month where he will coach you through any challenges your facing or questions you may have. All of our coaching sessions are recorded and added to the VAULT so you will never miss out.

The Vault

How do I get a listing on the members directory?

Simply log in to your account in the VAULT and click on “My Profile” from here you can write and edit your profile. Your Bio is key word optimised so ensure you include as many key words related to what you think your ideal target market will be searching for. You can include up to 6 gallery images, a cover photo, profile picture and strapline as well as adding links to your website and social media platforms too. There is a video tutorial on how to fill out and publish your profile. The Member’s Directory is public facing so you can send your profile link to customers and clients to leave you a review on there too. There is also a direct enquiry form so that potential customers and clients can fill this in and you will get an email with all of their details on making it a powerful lead generation tool.

I missed a coaching / speaker session I really wanted to see, can I get access to this?

Yes of course you can. All of our coaching and speaker sessions are recorded and professionally edited and added to the VAULT for you to catch up on whenever is convenient for you.

I’ve forgotten my username/ password

Your username is always the email address that you signed up with. If you have forgotten your password you can click “Forgotten Password” on the log in page and this will send you a link to reset it. If you are every struggling with anything you can always contact our friendly and helpful team who will be happy to help you.

Can I share my membership login information with other people?

No, you are not permitted to share our content with anyone else. If you are found or suspected to be doing so your membership will be terminated.

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