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For lots of people mornings can be a real struggle. Things like money worries, relationship problems and business challenges can hit you as soon as you wake up. This leads to you starting the day in a negative mood and feeling stressed.

In this episode Craig tells how he used to feel like this on a daily basis. He also shares how  watching a YouTube video, downloading a free app and using a light meditation technique. He was able to make a huge shift in his morning mindset which had a positive impact on his business and life. He now teaches this to Elite Business Academy members who are experiencing the same results.

What You Will Learn: 

1. How and why most people suffer from negative thoughts as soon as they wake up.

2. Why 47% of our thoughts are lost in our heads due to all the crap floating around in it.

3. The free app he uses on a daily basis that helped him to start the day with a positive mindset.

4. How using a simple 10 minute daily light meditation technique will shift your mindset from negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

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