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In this podcast episode Craig Interviews award-winning podcast coach Tom Griffin from Splicing Block.

Tom shares how easy it is to set up your own podcast channel even if you have no experience in podcasting and have little or no budget. He also shares the benefits to businesses / business owners on having their own podcast show. Having your own podcast show is a fantastic way of getting your knowledge out to the masses. It also positions you as an authority in your industry or profession which ultimately leads to you winning more customer or clients.

What You Will Learn: 

1. The benefits of having your own podcast channel

2. The equipment you will need to set one up your podcast and get you started

3. The software you will need to record, edit and host your podcast Channel

4. How to attract an audience and get people to listen to your podcast

5. How to structure the content on your podcast in 3 steps

As you will hear in this episode. Craig has been listing to other influencers podcasts for some time. He understood the value and benefits of having a podcast show but didn’t know where to start. So Craig contacted Tom and they started working together on setting up and producing the Elite Business Academy podcast. And what a huge success the show has already been. So grab your earphones and hit the play button and enjoy.

Contact Tom Griffin Here:

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